Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, I have an ambition to work in hotel line and even have a dream to work in overseas to explore more. That time I was 15years old.

Once upon a time, I told myself I must do more charity or participate volunteer activities to help those people who need our help. That time I was 17 years old.

Once upon a time, I wished that I can go for travelling at least once a year. My destination list are: Taiwan, Thailand, Bali Beach, Borneo, and Rome. I made the wish when I was 22years old.

Once upon a time, I was an outgoing girl, always hang out with friends, plan activities or parties for fellow friends. I used to say a quote "The night still young", most of our activities never ended regardless is day or night. As long as  we had fun and bond together. I started this kind of playful life when I was 19 years old.

At the end, I never worked in hotel line after I graduated. I never did any volunteer activities after I graduated from high school. Definitely, I also did not fulfill my wish for travelling once a year. Conversely, I worked in HR after graduated and I remembered HR was the subject that I dislike and dull when I was studied. This is so called" Surprise"! LOL~  I married when I was 23years old and will delivered a baby few weeks later. I am 24years old this year. After settle down, I joined childcare line. My ambition is open a childcare center to educate child into better and positive pathway. I know, is a big difference with all my previous pathway.

People always said, sometimes well planned might not been executed when it met with unexpected circumstance. Life always full of unknown elements, we are learning how to play around with them to lead ourselves into a better and right place. :) 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Working Life Ain't Easy~



这个城市对我而言,只是个死城。也许因为没有朋友。 还是只是因为一直以来我不喜欢这个城市,所以即使它在这么的吸引人,我还是无动于衷。公司的同事,虽然相处得不错,可是大家永远都只能是同事,不可能是我可以一起玩闹一起倾诉的对象。他们的年龄和我差太远,他们有自己的家庭。 我只有回到,才可以找到自己的朋友。。想念和悦一起吃喜欢的食物拍照,想念和唱歌聊八卦的日子,想念和温倪永远有聊不完的话题。。当然还有我的老妹,永远都会在我身边陪我做任何我想做的事。。可是每次回去只是一天,时间总是不够用。。很久没有见他们了。。我真的很想念我的朋友们。。。



** Life Is A Process of Becoming, A Combination of States We Have To Go Through **

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back BoneS~





在家的感觉真的很好,在属于自己的土地呼吸着新鲜的空气 :D

** Friends and family always the one become your backbones and lifting you up**

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's so GOOD~

something to share~
I've got a job!!!
Hooray ^^
I just back from signing the agreement.
The position was a HR assistant in a medical group.
Start working on 1st September.
Even though it wasn't hotel industry,
the salary pay not that much,
I can said it was a good try actually.
I believe I can learn something new.  
Gain experience as much as I can
is important for me now.
Finally I've released from 2months "rotten life"

Look forward the new milestone :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Figure Out~

I've jobless for one and half month!
I've long lost from my main path.
What if the first job not related with hotel or tourism,
is it possible for me back to the industry?
What if the experience i gain wasn't related at all?
What if the salary offered was under my expectation,
accept or reject?
What was my criteria for my first job?
Just wanted a job regardless its job scope and salary?
Salary reach my expectation even not my field?
What If all the interviews scheduled in this week were unsuccessful,
I better think for plan B?!
Perhaps back to JB and work? guess so...

Ji MuiSs ALways the Sweetener~

During a week stayed in JB, I literally tired as busy of the tasks being chaueffeur and handled the arguments with boyfriend.Seriously no sunshinne bright up my daysS. Fortunately, I got them filled up my little idle time and made my days ^^

12th August was my sista,siew huan's birthday!! Luckily her birthday clashed in the puasa week, so she had one week holiday or else she gonna spent her birthday in National Service camp alone. Another gal I long time no meet, Nicol Tan!! SHe look great in her job and of course her assistant manager look..haha~Looked so professional and really miss her so much especially her laughter!!!
The next day was my another sista, Marien birthday. Even she's no there with us, I believe she received all our blessings and flowers in the heaven.

On the afternoon, we went sing k for release!! 
Blueberry cake from season, nice :)

  I'm not ice cream lover but it delighted my day because I had good companion!

Marien Happy Birthday!!

More pics in facebook :)
Of course, I wont forgot my VIP, Tan Wenni!! Sorry forr not photoos here as I forgot to upload from camera and it placed in JB house. Next time upload ^^ Needless to say, It was a great night for us. As I said, she never missed out in my outing list!! Love to chat with her..

Happening Week~

Wow~ I've no been here for two weeks. Last two weeks was quite happening for me!! My dad injured his hand because stepped a yam in the park when he was jogging >.<   His bones was broke and getting better now after applied the chinese medical treatment.But it takes 1 to 2 months for fully recover. So I went back home to become the chaueffeur and taking care my family.

I remembered the day i went back jb was the last weekend before Singapore National Day. The long queue in Kranji was the 1st shocked. After queue for half an hour, finally i get in the bus. The long queue in front of the platform at woodland checkpoint is truly terrible. All the queue was messed up and i literally dunno which line I should stand. I even couldn't breathe in the crowd as I was a short gaL ==||| I departed from boyfriend's house at 915am but reach jb home at 2pm! Took it as a lesson, better dun simply went out during 'peak season" However, no choice for me this time, rush back visit dad was important!

However, the car broke for few times for the week, sent it to repair for twice @@ damn black luck!!On the same time, my laptop unable to connect internet suddenly!!Headache nia, I still couldn't investigate what troubleshooting it was~ Lastly may format it when i back jb again. No more IT expert ah tie n ah hong around me, i have to settle myself >___<

During my stay in JB, quarrel with the boyfriend for the whole week. SIGH~
The whole topic was surround "not understanding" and "abandon"   I totally fed up with his argument!!
Finally the case closed file when I back sg on the following week. He just hug me tightly and said nothing when I reached home. Finally I realised he just cant get used the life without my companion :)